Sen. Angus King: Want to Stop Coronavirus? Make Netflix and Disney Plus Free

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Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) has an idea that’s so stupid it actually might be goddamn brilliant!


In a letter Monday, King asked executives at Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Max and Hulu to make their streaming services free during the holidays to get people to stay home and therefore curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the Hill reports.

If this actually happened and free Disney Plus ended the coronavirus, that might be the most Disney-shit to ever happen. The hope behind King’s request is that if people had better shit to watch on TV maybe they’d stay their asses home, and I think he’s right.

“While your platforms would likely experience greater traffic as a consequence of extending service, we encourage you to provide temporary service at no cost to nonsubscribers as a way to encourage people to make responsible choices and safely navigate this holiday season,” he wrote.

Also, cable, if you’re listening, it’s time to reduce the cost of your service. Paying $300 in a pandemic just to have access to The Real Housewives and MTV’s The Challenge is a crime. At this point, cable and internet should be a basic right. Who’s with me!

Me, continued:

To be honest, streaming platforms have been looking out for the public since the pandemic happened. Disney Plus released a filmed performance of the 2016 musical hit Hamilton, which was supposed to be released in theaters. And Warner Bros. recently “announced that it will premiere the long-delayed Wonder Woman: 1984 simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max Christmas day. The studio will use the same model for its entire 2021 slate of films,” the Hill reports.


Now, what say you, cable companies? It’s time to cut these cable bills in half until we can get back on the right track. If anyone at Verizon Fios wants to discuss reducing my cable bill, I can be reached at


Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

You and I have different definitions of looking out for the public vis a vis streaming services.

Netflix raised their prices and Disney Plus may have aired Hamilton but you had to pay for that shit. I for one, can’t afford 50 million streaming services.