Sean ‘Spicy Facts’ Spicer Is on a Crusade to Change History’s Account of Him. So Why Is Liberal White America Providing the Stage?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

1. Sean “Spicy Facts” Spicer is a liar.


2. He’s not only a liar, but he’s an Olympic-level liar who lied on a national stage and wasn’t even good at lying.

3. He’s not a friend of the people; he was President Satan von Shitty Horns’ first line of defense, and he was complicit in every evil deed.

4. There’s nothing jokey about defending arguably one of the most racist, xenophobic and deplorable men this country has ever known.

5. Spicer has no redeemable qualities, so please, white America, stop trying to redeem him.

I think that covers all the bases, don’t you?

Now let’s ponder how such a horrific figure has been allowed a second act. How does a man whose first true introduction into the American consciousness was a barefaced lie about the crowd size at the president’s inauguration become the surprise guest at this year’s Emmy Awards, only to make a joke about said lie?


Well, he’s white. And I don’t mean that in an everything-comes-up-roses-for-white-men way. ... Naw, scratch that; I do. I don’t know how else to explain the embrace of Sean Spicer’s do-over other than with the fact that he is a white man.

Chris Rock once jokingly exclaimed that there was no white man in the audience who would switch places with him, and he’s rich! He then imitated a one-legged white man’s response: “Nah, I wanna ride this white thing out” (NSFW).


Because whiteness affords Spicer some luxuries that aren’t afforded to other races. He was the communications person and the first line of defense for President Petty von Tweets Too Much, and not only upheld the lies that came from this administration, but admonished the press that tried to get at the truth. Spicer was uninformed-, racist- and xenophobic-adjacent at best, and calculated and divisive at worst.

Here’s how CNN attempts to explain Spicer’s presence in a space where he shouldn’t have been welcomed:

Was Spicer “in on the joke?” Was he essentially admitting to lying to the American people from behind the White House podium?

As the debate went on late Sunday night, Colbert was celebrating his first gig hosting the Emmys at a late-night party in Los Angeles. Spicer was there too, taking selfies with celebrities and gawkers. He seemed to revel in the attention.

Spicer resigned from his job as White House press secretary in July and formally left the administration in August. Now he is hitting the speaker circuit, landing consulting gigs and looking for a potential TV commentator job. He will be a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics this fall.


It’s an odd dynamic to see a liberal Hollywood crowd fully embracing this new “funny” Spicer. Let’s be clear about a few things: Spicer was never funny or even remotely humorous in his position as White House press secretary. He was mean and curt and all forms of an asshole. His position required it, and because it was demanded of him, he was willing to be that person. Now that he’s out of the administration, he’s attempting to reinvent himself as a kinder, gentler version of himself.

But I’m ashamed at how quickly a reportedly incensed liberal white America is willing to embrace him. I’m ashamed that the Sean Spicer who was reportedly super angry with Melissa McCarthy’s Saturday Night Live impersonation of him now gets to act like none of that ever happened. And the deplorable Spicer gets to be the punch line for the new “funny” Spicer.


In the words of the great Ed Lover, I say:

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



I thought I was being gaslit when I watched that and heard the roar from the audience. I was waiting for the boos and jeers that never came. At the very least I appreciated Melissa McCarthy’s “wtf” face - I got the impression that she was not cool with that dingus being up on stage.

I get that Colbert trolled him on stage, kinda, but when you are in on the joke it’s potency is lost. If they brought out Melissa as Sean and did that bit, that would have been hysterical. But this? This was basura.