SC Restaurant: We’re Banning NFL Games Until Players Stand During Anthem, but Serving Trash Crab Legs Is OK

David McCraw ( via YouTube screenshot)
David McCraw ( via YouTube screenshot)

Looks like another bum is uninviting people from a place no one was going to anyway.


This particular idiot is David McCraw, owner of the Palmetto Restaurant & Ale House in Greenville, S.C. According to the Associated Press, McCraw is banning NFL games from being played at his sports bar until all players stand for the national anthem.

Maybe the Palmetto Restaurant will now be known for something other than the apparent house specialty: brown crab legs and—I think that’s supposed to be corn.

 Yelp screenshot
Yelp screenshot

As it turns out, McCraw’s restaurant was getting trash reviews well before he decided to protest the NFL. Multiple reviewers on Yelp mentioned the Palmetto’s 2.5-star rating, a distinction it earned from years of bad reviews that cited rude service, poor drink selection and deplorable food.

It’s pretty common when a business acts a fool embroils itself in controversy for people to take to Yelp to drag down the establishment’s rating. And to be fair, a few of the most recent posts seem to do this, including a couple that were posted on Sunday.

One reviewer who claims he had dinner at the restaurant on Sunday wrote that the owner threw a “tantrum” and that “the food sucks honestly, basically everything’s frozen and no one know what they are doing.” Another review from the same day said that the restaurant was “chaos.”


“We came in on Sunday and the place was loud and everyone was bitching about something I couldn’t make out,” wrote the Yelper, adding that the food and atmosphere were “disastrous.”

But the photo of the “crab legs” was posted in 2015, well before McCraw decided to take his dumbass stance.


“My wife just brought home two take-out Low Country Boils (crab legs, corn, sausage, shrimp). Mine was gross. The snow crab was dirt brown and mush inside,” wrote another reviewer.

It’s safe to say that the only motivation from this Yelp poster was to save the rest of us from a severe case of bubble guts.


I don’t know how McCraw has the caucasity to be offended by black athletes and not these brown-ass crab legs. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Frankly, I’m way more offended by this plate than I am by Palmetto’s little protest. It’s your sports bar, so go ahead and not show the most watched sport in America if you want. Have your servers and bartenders explain, over and over, how your sports bar simply won’t permit its patrons to watch their teams play on Sunday, Monday or Thursday. Watch as your would-be customers walk out the door, leaving you the company of a handful of NASCAR fans who will regale each other with declarations of how horny they are for the flag. Serve them unseasoned “food” and collect those $1 tips on a $15 check. You can keep all that.


To paraphrase my president, we weren’t going, therefore, ain’t no invite. Eating crab legs was a great honor until this plate showed up.

Read more at the Associated Press, and more wonderful reviews of the Palmetto Restaurant & Ale House on Yelp.


Ry-bones, FiST pilot

I got intestinal distress just looking at those crab legs.

This guy is just looking for an excuse to cancel his expensive cable package at his failing dive.

And the thing that makes me the most mad. How come nobody in any restaurant or on any coast knows how to cook corn on the cob?