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President-elect Donald Trump
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The Kremlin wants to make it clear that it does not have a dossier of damaging information on President-elect Donald Trump.

Its comments come after reports surfaced Tuesday that four U.S. intelligence agencies received files that included unverified claims Russia reportedly used to blackmail the president-elect. Kremlin officials came out Wednesday to call the reports untrue.


"It is an attempt to damage our bilateral relations. It is pulp fiction," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, Reuters reports. Peskov also denied the dossier's claim that he was heavily involved in damaging Hillary Clinton's bid for president.

"You have to react to this with a certain humor, but there's also a sad side to this. Hysteria is being whipped up to maintain a political witch hunt," he said.


Trump has taken to Twitter to denounce the accusations.


Read more at Reuters.

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