(The Root) — The Romney campaign has stumbled yet again.

And while I’m totally pleased that a candidate from a major party assumes I’m voting for Barack Obama because I depend on government (I’m not even typing on a keyboard—it’s just piles of welfare checks) but there's one part of this mess that I can’t get past.

The Hill:
But that push could be partially undermined by another of the covert clips, where Romney candidly discusses some of the problems encountered by his campaign, including trouble attracting female and Hispanic voters.

Romney jokes of his father, who was born in Mexico: “Had he been born of Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot of winning this.”


Wait—wait—being a minority or half-minority makes life easier? You have a better chance at becoming President of the United States? This is magic, really. Yes Mr. Romney. Being half-Mexican would totally make you more electable, just ask Mexicans…wait…don’t ask Mexicans. You might get kicked in the shin. The narrative of America being easier for minorities is becoming dangerously common. We minorities get all the affirmative action and school loans and free everything. This makes people feel better when they want to act like asses. When you make snide comments about groups you have to believe you have the right to. Why not talk about the shiftless minorities who get everything! Why not ignore the historical implications of why it’s even necessary for government programs to help? Just point and get annoyed!

Romney says that he’s not even trying for my vote because I’m depending on government. I’d argue he can’t get my vote because he keeps insulting me. Weird. This new backbone of Romney's is amazing…


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