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Rumor: Beyoncé's pregnant again? Hollywood Life started the buzz with the claim that when the singer showed up to La Marina restaurant on Sept. 23 in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, she appeared to be showing.

Rohan Marley: Wyclef's a liar: Marley, the father of Lauryn Hill's children, took it upon himself to set the record straight about Wyclef Jean's recent allegations about the kids' paternity.

Libyan government to disband rogue groups: Libya's president announced that all government-aligned militias will now report to the army chief of staff, and all other armed groups must disband.

Quincy Jones on why he stopped working with Michael Jackson: Asked about the end of his working relationship with the King of Pop (specifically, "Did he really never personally tell you he was moving on?"), Jones told the New York Times, "He didn't, no. It's OK, man. It's not like I'm gonna roll over and die. He told his manager that I was losing it, that I didn't understand the business because I didn't understand in 1987 that rap was dead. Rap wasn't dead. Rap hadn't even started yet."