Roger Stone Can’t Stop Trolling and It Might Land Him in Jail

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Roger Stone, the president’s longtime associate who dresses like Drake’s father, may end up in jail earlier than he thought after the judge presiding over his case called him back into court Thursday to discuss images targeting her that Stone posted on his Instagram profile.


U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson wants Stone to explain why social media posts featuring an image of her with a gun scope appeared on his IG and why that “shouldn’t change the terms of Stone’s bond and why she shouldn’t impose harsh new restrictions on his speech,” Politico reports.

From Politico:

Jackson last Friday issued an order allowing Stone to discuss special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election, so long as he does not do so around the D.C. courthouse where his case is being heard.

But the judge, an appointee of President Barack Obama, said in that order that she’d be paying close attention to Stone’s commentary and didn’t rule out changing the terms.

Stone, who faces charges of lying to Congress and obstructing its investigation into Russian election meddling, put himself in his latest predicament after posting an image of Jackson on Instagram on Monday with what appeared to be crosshairs in the corner.

Stone realized that he was wrong as Taylor Swift’s version of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” and deleted the photo and posted another version of the photo minus the crosshairs and then took that down and posted an apology.

“Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted,” Stone wrote in Monday night’s court filing, Politico reports. “I had no intention of disrespecting the Court and humbly apologize to the court for the transgression.”

Politico notes that Jackson is not here for Stone’s fuckboy bullshit as she’s slapped gag orders on Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and their attorneys in 2017 and she jailed Manafort last June—he’s remained in federal custody ever since—after prosecutors accused him of witness tampering.

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted Stone on charges of “lying, obstruction of justice and witness tampering and had sought a gag order on Stone out of fear his comments would impact the fairness of a trial.” Stone, who has a Richard Nixon back tattoo, has called the case a sham and believes that the whole thing is a “deep state” movement.


“Stone, who was released from custody on a $250,000 bond after his arrest, is currently under court restrictions that limit his travel to South Florida, New York and the Washington D.C. area. He’s also not allowed to contact any potential witnesses in his case,” Politico reports.

Stone might want to go ahead and prep himself for prison because he obviously doesn’t do well with freedom.

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“I had no intention of disrespecting the Court...”

Ummm, yes, yes you did. That’s why your ass posted it; that was the entire point of posting it.

I get that people say shit just to say shit, but please let this knd of stuff stop.