RNC Adds Voter-ID Amendment

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As the Republican National Convention is delayed because of Tropical Storm Isaac, the convention has included an amendment supporting controversial voter-ID laws, authored by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Colorlines columnist Aura Bogado warns of this addition, along with other developments across America threatening the right to vote.

DOJ Backs Virginia's Voter ID The Department of Justice has pre-cleared Virginia's voter ID law.
Rather than require strict photo identification, Virginia's law allows school IDs, utility bills, and bank statements to be used when casting a ballot — and the DOJ found that it is discriminatory. As Rick Hasen points out, the NAACP issued a mixed response on the decision, noting that Virginia should use its resources to "enhance and increase [voter] participation."

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Voter ID Case Next Month
Opponents to Pennsylvania's controversial voter ID law, who lost their challenge last week are now headed to the state's Supreme Court on September 13 to appeal the ruling. The law's backers wanted to wait until October — just weeks before Election Day — for the high court to hear arguments, but civil rights groups that wanted an earlier hearing won a small victory with the announcement.


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