Elena Scotti/The Root/GMG; photo via Getty Images
Elena Scotti/The Root/GMG; photo via Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci, aka Scaramucci Mane, aka Mucci Mane—the Wall Street businessman who had an embattled first week as the White House communications director—is now out of the job.

Mucci Mane, who replaced White House press secretary Sean Spicer and was instrumental in the firing of White House chief of staff (and reported Mucci Mane nemesis) Reince Priebus, offered his resignation, according to an ABC News report Monday.


Scaramucci Mane will best be remembered for his on-the-record and profanity-laced interview with the New Yorker in which he claimed that he was nothing like Steve “Papa” Bannon, who, said Mucci Mane, wanted to “suck his own cock.”

Read more at ABC News.

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