Restaurant Apologizes After Staff Sings ‘F--k the Police’ to Cops


The owners of a North Carolina restaurant quickly apologized after a police union took to social media to complain that employees of the eatery sang “F—k the Police” to dining officers.

According to the News & Observer, when a few of Raleigh’s finest decided to have a bite to eat at Smithfield’s Chicken-n-Barbecue in Garner, N.C., a few employees thought it would be funny to sing the N.W.A hit song while officers patronized the establishment (and, no matter how you feel about the men and women who protect and serve by killing a statistically inordinate number of black people, you have to admit, it is kinda funny).


After the incident, the Raleigh Police Protective Association called out the business on Facebook by sarcastically thanking the restaurant staffers for their “class and professionalism as you sang ‘F- the police’ as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?”

Wait. The manager, too?

First of all, you don’t “sing” the song, you rap it. Secondly, is no one going to ask how the officers knew which song the workers were singing if the tune was supposedly so “offensive”? Most importantly, the fact that more than one person in a location knows the words to a 25-year-old rap song should be celebrated, not condemned.

Three hours after the police union’s Facebook post, Smithfield’s owner, David Harris, took to social media to apologize and let the public know that he would terminate any employee who doesn’t show respect to all law enforcement, adding:

Willie McKennies is my partner and has been the General Manager since we the store opened over 17 years ago. We have had a long standing relationship with Raleigh Police Department. We respect law enforcement, we have called upon them in the past for assistance, we take utmost seriousness of this issue.


After that post, one could assume that Smithfield’s offered the Raleigh Police Department free meals, because shortly afterward, everything seemed cool between the restaurant and the cops, with both the RPD and the Police Protective Association seeming to be satisfied.

Raleigh Police Department/Facebook screenshot
Raleigh Police Protective Association/Facebook screenshot

The End.

P.S.: I know when you first read this, you assumed we’d make a crass joke about the irony of pigs eating at a barbecue restaurant. We would never resort to that kind of crude humor.


There is no word on how this incident affected the restaurant’s Yelp! reviews.

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