Republicans Fear Hillary Clinton in 2016

President Barack Obama (Win McNamee/Getty Images); Hillary Clinton (Scott Olson/Getty Images News)

Republican leaders planned their party's political comeback at Thursday's Republican National Committee spring meeting. Their strategy includes courting minority voters and updating their political operations, Time magazine reports.

But there could be a major stumbling block: Hillary Clinton.

One early primary state RNC member put it simply: "If she gets in, we're toast."

To be sure, Clinton enjoyed a similar sense of inevitability in 2005, but Republicans say she looks more formidable this time around. "We thought we could beat her [in 2008] because she was seen as bitter and unlikeable — and that's what Obama proved," said one Republican operative at the meeting. But Clinton finished her tenure as Secretary of State with stratospheric approval ratings, has added four years of Cabinet-level foreign policy making to her resume, and appears far less likely to face a strong 2016 primary challenge like the one Obama mounted in 2007 and 2008. "We're hoping she doesn't run, because if she does, she'll win," said the same operative.


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