Republican-led Senate Committee Subpoenaed Lil’ Donnie Jr. and Trump’s Inner Circle Is Pissed

Just an Asshat throwing out asshats.
Just an Asshat throwing out asshats.
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The way the Trump administration sees it, you are either with the dictatorship or you’re a migrant, person of color, member of the LGBTQ community, or a good-hearted person with a soul and decent vision.


So it would stand that Trump’s cronies, aka the Soulless Bitches of the Round Table, are livid that a Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. when they are supposed to support all the illegal shit that Trump does.

Those close to Trump told CNN “that Republican Sen. Richard Burr, in their minds, just handed Democrats a talking point.”

Multiple Republicans believed that after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aka Big Turtle-chin did his whole “case closed” speech on the Senate floor, that other GOPers would merely follow suit and let sleeping obstruction Russian dogs lie.

CNN notes that the subpoena was issued more than two weeks ago. They want Lil’ Trump Jr. to testify before the committee, which is scary for Republicans because Donnie might be the dumbest out of the Trump brood.

From CNN:

The subpoena for Trump Jr.’s testimony marks an escalation of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russian election interference. The panel’s investigation, led by Burr, has been running for more than two years, and the committee has interviewed many of the same witnesses who spoke to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. The committee has recently begun re-interviewing witnesses, including Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who appeared for a second time earlier this year.

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said in an interview Wednesday he was caught off guard by the news of the subpoena and only found out when news reports broke. But people familiar with the matter say that’s more a reflection on Mulvaney’s role in the West Wing. As CNN’s Jeremy Herb reported, the subpoena was issued two weeks ago, and sources say the president was aware of it.


Much like his father, Lil’ Donnie Jr. is way too dumb to realize that this could spell trouble and is reportedly feeling himself and is ready to fight it out. CNN notes that he’s been spending the better part of his time (when he’s not coloring or looking at Fox News for a new wife), cozying up to Republican lawmakers.

Knowing Republicans and Big Orange Sherbert Skin Sr., there’s a good chance that this entire subpoena shit is just a sham to get Lil’ Donnie in front of an audience so that he can show out. Everyone, including those who pushed for the subpoena, knows that Trump is going to be watching their every move and this is a moment to audition to be in his good graces —or evil graces, considering we are talking about the devil’s favorite kitten-heel.

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Whelp the house of orange is falling down. Wonder if Russia gonna try to bail him out? Release some emails or some shit. Say hey, look at this and not at that. Omg. They have the dumbest one on the stand. What to do? What to do? Oh, the orange is about to be mighty blue. Lol. I don't know why but here yall go. Have fun. Lol.