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Two teens, shown in this video footage, were detained by police after they allegedly assaulted an elderly woman June 2, 2016, in New York City’s Brooklyn borough.
PIX 11 screenshot

Two New York City teenage girls were detained Friday, a day after, police say, they attacked a 78-year-old woman on a Brooklyn subway platform after the woman asked one of the teens to move her feet so that she could sit down.

Police released screenshots of both teens to the media after the attack. The mother of one teen brought her daughter to a police precinct. The other teen was detained by police, PIX 11 reports.


According to the news station, on Thursday around 3:30 p.m., the elderly woman boarded the train and asked one of the girls if she could move her feet so that she could sit down. An argument ensued, and both girls are accused of assaulting the elderly woman after she got off the train at the Franklin Avenue C-train subway platform in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Police have not released arrest information or said whether the girls have been charged. The woman was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

Read more at PIX 11.

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