Red Lobster Waitress: Racist Receipt Leads to $10K Tip

Toni Christina Jenkins (Facebook)
Toni Christina Jenkins (Facebook)

A Red Lobster waitress who was suspended after posting an online image of a receipt containing a racial slur instead of a tip has received $10,000, after a fundraising effort by outraged supporters. 


Toni Christina Jenkins, of Franklin, Tenn., was suspended after posting an image of the receipt on her Facebook page Sept. 10. The receipt for $44.53 read "none" on the "Tip" line and the n-word on the "Total" line, according to ABC News. Red Lobster prohibits workers from posting customers' receipts online, which is why she was suspended, reports show. She has since returned to work.

But Matthew Hanson, a resident of California, was outraged when he read the story. He was moved to action and launched an online fundraiser called "Tips for Toni" and raised $10,749, ABC says. His goal was to send "a message to racists that Americans aren't going to tolerate that." He reportedly raised the money within 72 hours.

Hanson presented the check Sept 30 to Jenkins, who was unaware of the fundraiser. 

"I literally screamed. I was so confused," Jenkins said. "I was just so thankful. I felt so blessed and so honored that so many people came together on my behalf to give this to me."


Read more at ABC News.

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