Rape is rape is rape. End quote.


So this happened.

Whether you agree with a woman’s right to choose or not you have to see how troubling this commentary is. And by “troubling” I mean “completely and utterly effed up.” #SayAnything2012 isn’t just a funny way of expressing that conservatives are trying to win by saying whatever they think might work anymore. This is a political ideology. A woman’s body fights off pregnancy when she’s legitimately raped—not when it’s illegitimate; you know, when the rapist doesn’t file the proper paper work or get the right signatures?


“Oh I’m sorry. This rape isn’t legitimate. There’s no raised seal. Oh and you forgot to sign the back.” – Your body.

I can’t.

This is worse than the blatant misrepresentation that Paul Ryan pushed this weekend. This is worse than the fake outrage over Biden’s commentary. So much so that the Romney/Ryan campaign is trying to back away. The masses have cried out in outrage. Rep. Todd Akin claims he mispoke.

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