Raiders Running Back Josh Jacobs Arrested, Charged With DUI After Single-Car Collision In Las Vegas

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On the field, Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders is a shifty running back whose reliability has gone unquestioned since he entered the league in 2019. But off the field, it sounds like the 22-year-old still has plenty of growing up to do after an unfortunate brush with the law.



Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence early Monday morning in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

Police officers responded to a single-vehicle collision near the Airport Connector and Sunset Road at approximately 4:42 a.m. PT, according to an incident report obtained by An investigation revealed that the driver, later identified as 22-year-old Joshua Jacobs, was impaired, per the report.

Jacobs was transported to a local hospital after sustaining minor injuries in the crash, then was transported to the Clark County Detention Center where he was booked for a DUI.

“No complaint has been filed against our client and there are no blood test results to support a suggestion of impairment,” Jacobs’ attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld said in a statement on Monday. “We intend to enter a not guilty plea on behalf of Mr. Jacobs if he is ever charged.”

Imagine having access to millions of dollars while people trip over themselves to tend to your every need and you still don’t have enough common sense to let one of your homies drive or just call a damn Uber. I hate Mondays, too, but this ain’t it, chief.


Approximately 12 hours before he got knocked for a DUI, he ran for 89 yards and two touchdowns in a win against the Denver Broncos. In his sophomore 2020 season, he finished with 1,065 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

The Raiders have yet to publicly address the situation, but the Alabama alum is scheduled to appear in court on March 8.



Considering how much he f’ed up my Fantasy Football season...I still wish him well, and wisdom. Lots and lots of wisdom.

My comments from another post:

My opinion (from my observations only) is this:

- You can be “great” on the field and “marginal (within reason)” off the field and still thrive in the League.

- You can be “decent” on the field and “stellar (or a smidge below, but still serviceable)” off the field and still remain in the League. And possibly thrive.

- You can be “great” on the field and a menace to society off the field (depending upon your transgression(s)) and you might get put out of the League.

- You could be Colin Kaepernick, (and that’s a whole different level of bullshit perpetrated by the League).

- You can’t be “crappy” on the field and “asshole-ish” off the field and expect to remain in the League.

Your team owner(s), coaches, teammates, agents, etc. have to have something positive to latch on to in order to come to your defense.