Rachel Lindsay Says She’s Under Pressure Being 1st Black Bachelorette


Oh, the pressure. Imagine signing up to put your dating life on display and then crying about it later. It seems as though The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay is feeling the “pressure” as the show’s first black woman to be wookin pa nub in all the wrong places.


During Monday night’s show, which I watched while wearing my best Chrissy Teigen GIF face, Lindsay was a bag full of tears after the most weird AF cocktail party with her male contestants.

“The pressures that I feel about being a black woman and what that is ... I don’t want to talk about it,” Lindsay said.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be a show in this faux post-racial society we live in if she didn’t at least mention it.

“I already know what people are going to say about me,” she cried. “You have no idea what it’s like to be in this position.”

Of course, Monday night’s episode was drama-filled as usual, with the men once again trying to one-up one another. But the most interesting comment came from Dean about Nashville singer Lee.


“I think Lee’s kind of a bitch,” commented Dean, a 25-year-old startup recruiter from the Venice area of Los Angeles, when he insinuated Lee was racist.

“The only people I’ve seen Lee pick fights with are people that he’s not used to seeing on a daily basis, from a cultural perspective,” he said.


“You know exactly what I mean by that,” he told the producer.

I mean, I guess Dean isn’t as dumb as the “once you go black” comment he made during the kickoff of the show.


In any event, woe is Rachel Lindsay for putting her love life on display a second time around. Tune in next week, when blood will be shed.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).



I mean I see why she’s so upset. Bear with me (or don’t idc).

She signs up for something she thinks will be fun (and a big payday).

Half these dudes are some combo of undercover racist, not so undercover racist, abusers or rage heads. Season with alcohol and some roids it’s probably a scary combo.

Then expect her to be the ambassador for her race under no sleep and tons of pressure?

I’d be crying too. Rachel it’s just a show. You can always walk away!