Rachel Dolezal Decried Exodus Movie as ‘Highly Offensive’ for Portraying Ancient Egyptians as White

Rachel Dolezal 
Rachel Dolezal 

This morning in: irony.

Turns out, former Spokane, Wash., NAACP President Rachel Dolezal was not a fan of Exodus, the embattled movie starring The Dark Knight trilogy’s Christian Bale as Moses. More specifically, she echoed a lot of the complaints that circled the movie last year, decrying the casting of white actors as ancient Egyptians.

In an interview that has resurfaced from local station KYRS, Dolezal blasted the movie, quipping that “hopefully nobody goes to that film,” and saying that it needed to be boycotted. 

“It’s miseducation, it’s misrepresentation and it’s highly offensive to the people that actually were living during that time and also to people today. It’s robbing and shredding ancestry and history,” Dolezal said, slamming the film. “But if people go to [the film] without knowing and just with the typical public education system, then you’re going to probably think that that’s how it happened.” 


Dolezal also criticized the movie for casting darker-skinned actors as mainly criminals and servants. 

“And all the darker-skinned people must be villains. That’s pretty natural; we accept that under the white supremacy tradition, and the lighter-skinned folks rule in our upper class,” she said.

Dolezal closed off that segment of questioning by saying that it was “disturbing” that films like Exodus are still out there, especially when kids are so vulnerable and struggling with their identity. 

“A movie like that is sheer propaganda,” she insisted.

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