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R. Kelly’s Alleged Victim Claims To Be Engaged to the R&B Singer

Joycelyn Savage claimed to be engaged to Kelly and asked the judge for leniency before his sentencing hearing.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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One of R. Kelly’s alleged victims is claiming to be engaged to the disgraced R&B singer, according to TMZ.

In a letter to Judge Ann Donnelly before Kelly’s sentencing hearing, Joycelyn Savage is claiming to be Kelly’s fiancé. She also asked the judge for leniency in Kelly’s sentencing.

That clearly did not work as Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking charges.


The letter reads:

Dear Honorable Judge Ann Donnelly:

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences with Robert Kelly. My name is Joycelyn Savage, and I’m Robert Kelly’s fiancé. I’m writing this letter in support of Robert in advance of his sentencing, so I can explain to the court that I’m not the victim that the government has portrayed me to be.

My relationship with Robert is amazing. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We have a very special connection and are deeply in love. I still support Robert to this day because I love him and will always be here to support him. Robert is not the monster that the government has described him to be. The Robert I know is very sweet, gentle, and kind. At the end of the day, he has always made sure that I’m taken care of, and any other women he was with as well.

Robert’s an all-around incredible person. He loves his music and is very passionate about that. He’s positive, outgoing, and very generous. He always takes any opportunity he can to help those in need. He’s very determined and focused on his goals, and the things that have been said about him, with me and other women being held against our will is absolutely untrue. It’s the complete opposite of who he is and what my relationship is like with Robert.

Robert and I are deeply in love and it breaks my heart that the government has created a narrative that I’m a victim. I’m a grown woman, and can speak for myself which is why I wanted to provide this letter to the court.

I respectfully ask that the Court take my words into consideration when sentencing Robert. He is a great man, with a great heart and deserves to be home with his loved ones who are ready to support him.

Thank you for reading this letter,

Joycelyn Savage

Savage claimed in November 2019 that she was a victim of Kelly and shared the disturbing details of her abuse through Patreon, an online subscription service.


Months earlier in a compelling interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning in March 2019, Savage defended Kelly and said she was not a victim of the R&B singer.

In the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, Savage’s parents detailed how their daughter was a hostage to the singer and how they have not had any contact with her ever since she went to live with him.


More from TMZ:

Gerald Griggs, an attorney for Savage’s parents, tells TMZ ... she never made the engagement known to the family, and they’ve never even spoken about the possibility beforehand.

Griggs tells us he finds it odd Savage didn’t testify about it under oath, and instead slipped it into the letter submitted to the court. Savage’s family “strongly doubts” the engagement story ... and are wishing to reconnect with her to get the full story.

They do admit it isn’t unusual she wouldn’t make it known to her parents — Griggs says she hasn’t really spoken to them since she left to be with Kelly.