She continued because, of course she did.


Twitter initially added a disclaimer to the tweet that noted this woman doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about, but in the end they banned her ass.

From NBC News:

In March, Twitter announced a “strike system” for users spreading false and misleading Covid-19 information. A user’s account is locked for 12 hours after two or three strikes, and seven days after four strikes.

After five strikes, the user is banned.

NBC News notes that Greene’s claims come as the delta variant coronavirus continues to collect the infinity stones needed to crush the buildings.


But she’s already back, calling social media rules for the non-wackos a “violation of her freedom of speech” and Twitter being “Communist China.”

From USA Today:

After staying quiet overnight, Greene emerged back on Twitter shortly after 9 a.m. ET Tuesday criticizing the platform saying it censored her and violated “my freedom of speech,” and compared Twitter to “Communist China.”


Greene’s three more strikes can’t come fast enough.