The saga continues with the Redskins' prima donna Albert Haynesworth, who failed to show for mandatory mini-camp. The two-time All Pro defensive tackle is refusing to suit up and has gone on a public relations blitz to be traded to another team because he feels "betrayed." How so? Redskins coach Mike Shanahan switched to a 3-4 defense. We didn't know that players told coaches what to do, but Haynesworth obviously didn't get that memo. The Redskins gave Haynesworth an out, but he chose to stay and collect a $21 million bonus in April. Now he's kicking and screaming after pocketing the money. To add insult to injury, Haynesworth has missed two days of mandatory mini-camp while he's still kicking and screaming. Instead of getting hit on the field, Haynesworth will be getting hit in his wallet to the tune of $21 million.