Council of the District of Columbia member David Grosso is preparing to introduce a resolution calling on the Washington Redskins football team to change its name, the Washington Post reports.

Grosso says that the current name is "derogatory" and "racist" (many would agree with him there), and that it's "time we take a stand and change it." One idea for a replacement: the Washington Redtails. It has a nice — or at least unoffensive — ring to it, no?

Grosso is circulating his circulation to other council members to try to get co-sponsors. So far, he said, council members Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) and Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) have agreed to sign on to it.

In recent months, as the Redskins made their run toward the playoffs, debate about the Redskins name has been heating up. Earlier this year, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said he would also like the name changed. But Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and team officials have largely avoided the debate, giving no indications that they are seriously considering such a change.


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