Richard Spencer (center) (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

White nationalist—and overall devil’s spawn—Richard Spencer became the target of protests over the weekend after racist signs were found in Alexandria, Va.

According to NBC 4, a number of protesters gathered outside Spencer’s Virginia offices Sunday just one day after flyers with messages such as “Stop the blacks” and “You’re losing your country, white man” were found in Alexandria. As the news station notes, people have gathered outside Spencer’s Virginia offices pretty regularly in recent months, but Sunday’s gathering was bigger than usual, organizers told the site.


Protesters held up signs reading, “White supremacy not welcome” and “Love not hate.”

On Saturday morning, Alexandria residents woke up to find the problematic flyers stuck on poles and car windows. The images on some of the flyers were the same as those on a white supremacist website that endorses “American fascism,” according to the report.

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg issued a statement decrying the flyers and emphasizing that the city denounces “hate speech and hate crimes and discrimination in all forms.”

Alexandria police are investigating the situation.

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