Prosecutor Says Amy ‘Central Park Karen’ Cooper Made a 2nd 911 Call, Claiming a Black Man ‘Tried to Assault Her’

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Amy Cooper—the Becky of all Karens whose hit single “I’m Not a Gentrifier, I Just Shoo Away the Blacks a Lot,” who went viral earlier this year when she called the police on Black bird watcher Christian Cooper—made two separate 911 calls on that fateful day in New York City’s Central Park, according to prosecutors.


We all saw video footage of the first call where Cooper falsely claimed to 911 dispatch that “there’s an African American man threatening my life.” On Wednesday, a prosecutor said that Liar McGet-a-Negro-Lynched made a second call that was previously unreported where she falsely claimed Christian “tried to assault her.”

The New York Times reports that Cooper—not Christian who recently authored a comic book based on the Central Park incident, but Amy who is now the villain in all comic books in my mind—appeared in court virtually on Wednesday to negotiate a plea deal after being charged with falsely reporting an incident in July.

From the Times:

Joan Illuzzi, a senior prosecutor, said that Ms. Cooper in her two 911 calls in May had used the police in a way that was “both racially offensive and designed to intimidate” and her actions were “something that can’t be ignored.”

Still, Ms. Illuzzi told the court that the Manhattan district attorney’s office was exploring a resolution to the case that would require Ms. Cooper to publicly take responsibility for her actions in court and attend a program to educate her on how harmful they were.

“We hope this process will enlighten, heal and prevent similar harm to our community in the future,” Ms. Illuzzi said.

The case was adjourned until Nov. 17 to give Ms. Cooper’s lawyer, Robert Barnes, and prosecutors time to work out the details of an agreement.

Barnes is wack as fuck too, honestly. I mean, I get that a defense attorney’s job is to come up with plausible defenses for their clients, but this dude didn’t even try. Instead, he called the accusations against Cooper part of a “cancel culture epidemic” and asked “How many lives are we going to destroy over misunderstood 60-second videos on social media?” the Times reports.

First of all: Even if “cancel culture” were a real thing—which I don’t believe it is but for various reasons, I don’t have time to go into in this write-up—it’s something that normally applies to celebrities, not random white women who probably think the expression “catch a fade” means siccing the police on a Black guy with a fresh haircut.


Secondly: What exactly was misunderstood? The video clearly shows Cooper making a claim that “an African American” was threatening her when the Black man in question was not doing anything that could be reasonably construed as threatening. And not only did Christian make no attempt to physically assault her, but in the video, Amy can be seen approaching him and he can be heard responding by saying, “Please don’t come close to me.”

The whole “What happened before the recording started?” copout doesn’t really work when everything a person is being accused of can be viewed in the proper context.


Hell, according to prosecutors, Cooper—who lost her job as head of insurance portfolio management at Franklin Templeton behind the incident—admitted to one of the responding officers that none of what she reported was true.

I would counter Barnes’ question about how many lives “are we going to destroy” with a question of my own: Who the fuck is “we”? Seems to me that Amy Cooper did all of this shit to herself. What she did could have ruined the life of the Black man she was allegedly attempting to weaponize the police against. Instead, she may have ruined her own life...and I gotta say, I’m fine with that.

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So many things to STILL say with this case.

For one, a short incident (especially had the video not been taken) could very well have led to a man being murdered for no reason, so I think we definitely aren’t making too big a deal here.

Secondly, she should be up for at least two charges of false reporting, since after her first call of lies, she went for round two.

Thirdly, men, white women, and the other, like five Republicans all seem to think ‘cancel culture’ is as dangerous a thing as Antifa (it is), but that’s because they’re facing this scary new world where people are often being held accountable for the actions. So it’s not ‘cancel culture’ as much as it is ‘consequence culture’.

All you have to do is not be shitty to other people, and RWNJs (and of course this alleged liberal, who isn’t selling that “liberal” crap any more convincingly than the GOP is selling Biden’s BS “progressive” label) just cannot even shut their idiot mouths even to save their own jobs, reputations, or lives!

Shit, if they wore masks, they could gum racist curse words at all these “others” all day every day, possibly even to the point of feeling some happiness in their cold, shitty hearts! But they can’t even manage that.

I guess there’s no point in showing your whole ass if everyone around you isn’t forced to see it...