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Pro Football Player Sends 100 Kids to College

Braylon Edwards (Getty Images)
Braylon Edwards (Getty Images)

AOL Black Voices reports that New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards is making good on the promise he made years ago to 100 Cleveland high school students: Each of them logged 15 hours of community service and maintained 3.5 GPAs, displayed exemplary citizenship and conduct, and had attendance records free of unexcused absences. In return, he'll pay their way through college, at a cost of about $1 million.


The football player made the arrangement with the students in his "Advance 100" program in 2008, when they were in eighth grade. Through the program, they were provided with mentoring and tutoring in an effort to equip them for success. The students, their teachers and their counselors received incentives and awards for their participation and support. Their progress was monitored through the Braylon Edwards Foundation and the Cleveland Scholarship Program. 

Edwards tweeted over the weekend: "As the 2nd most hated man in Clev & a man of my word, today I will honor a promise made to 100 students in Cleveland years ago. The last of my Advance 100 students will graduate from my program and head off to college on scholarships that I will provide them with. Guys, enjoy and embrace your new beginnings and remember your promise to me, to reach back & help someone else along the way."


Edwards — who is currently unsigned but says he would like to return to the Jets — is a role model to more than just the kids in his program. This rare piece of pure feel-good news, along with his "reach back and help someone message," is undoubtedly going to inspire other professional athletes as well as those of us with slightly less than $1 million to give away.

Read more at AOL Black Voices.

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