President Stays-on-Vacation’s Tweet on Global Warming Might Be the Dumbest Statement He’s Ever Made

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images
Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Oh, I get it. Because it’s really cold on the East Coast, and global warming is the belief that the planet is heating up at alarming rates, that serves as proof that global warming doesn’t exist.


At least that appears to be the president’s logic after his dumb ass tweeted this:

I’m surprised that Donald Trump was even aware of temperatures outside his Florida golf resort, where his lazy ass has spent almost a third of his presidency. The tweet, I assume, was supposed to be a shot at those of us who believe that a steady diet of McDonald’s is unhealthy and that global warming really exists. Also, I don’t think anyone on Trump’s staff took a moment to look at the optics of this tweet made as his KFC-filled arteries were taking in the sun on the golf course while the rest of us were trying to stay warm.

It’s the tweet equivalent of telling a friend you have to go jail for too many speeding tickets and he or she replies:

It’s further proof that the president of the United States is a gloating, heartless bitch.

Using the president’s logic, that an expected week of extremely cold weather is proof there is no global warming, would be like seeing a person walk into his home and concluding there is no homelessness.

It would be like watching a person pay for a shirt and then surmising there is no poverty.


It would be like, well, this tweet explains it best:


I want to give the president the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe he was just trying to be mean because he’s suffering from incurable bubble guts.

Maybe the president was just being his usual trolling self and ignoring years of scientific data that proves the Earth is getting warmer by the day.


Maybe the president isn’t a bitch who tweets from his vacation estate about the cold-weather crisis the rest of East Coast America has to endure because we don’t have winter White Houses.

Who knows? But this is the man 53 percent of white woman who voted against their self-interests elected, so the rest of us are forced to deal with it.



Many people will claim he’s just trolling liberals. But that’s not true. He’s just really fucking stupid.