President Obama's Popularity Among Hispanics Is Waning


President Obama's strong support in the Hispanic community may be waning. The Nielsen Company and Stanford University sponsored a survey that shows that President Obama gets "lukewarm ratings" on issues important to Hispanics, which could have a negative impact on his party and him. For a group that supported Obama so heavily in 2008 and in his first year in office, only 43 percent of Hispanics surveyed said Obama is adequately addressing their needs, with the economy a major concern. Another 32 percent were on the fence, while 21 percent said he'd done a poor job. Far more Hispanics have faced job losses and financial stress than the U.S. population in general. This, coupled with an unfulfilled promise to overhaul the nation's patchwork immigration system, which Hispanics overwhelmingly want to see fixed, also may be to blame.

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—Nsenga K. Burton