Power Is Finally Back. I Can't Wait For Every Character to Die

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(This article contains mild spoilers. Very mild.)

Power is one of those shows that is must-see television for me. I’ve been waiting all year for its return so my nephew and I can get back to our after-show debates and commiserate on what shenanigans just ensued. I love the show.


But I must admit, I have a more nefarious reason for watching the show: I literally cannot wait for every single main character to die. Which is why news that season 5 will be like Vivian Green’s emotional rollercoaster brings tears of joy to my eyes and butterflies to my soul. According to show creator Courtney Kemp, “There are going to be huge deaths and big twists. What happened to Raina is going to reverberate throughout the season.”

Glory day. Hosanna in the highest.

Like, after every.single.episode, I get upset that Angela is still alive. She should have been dead seasons ago. And Tariq ... oh, Tariq. If there was a spinoff of Power called Killing Angela and Tariq that was an Inside the Actor’s Studio-type show, where different writers and industry insiders talk about how they would have had them both killed, I’d watch it religiously. That’s how in I am for either of them dying.

Admittedly, (spoiler alert) I didn’t see the death of Raina coming, but all that did, though, was raise my blood pressure and ire and make me more anxious for Tariq to sleep with the fishes.

And Tommy, oh, Tommy. Tommy is one of those characters who I hated, then loved, then hated, then loved. When the show first started, I hated him and really hated him during the Holly escapades. But when Holly (spoiler alert) caught that L by his hands, well, I started to like him because Holly had to go and I was glad somebody took her out.

Keisha? Yep. Her, too. She be asking too many damn questions. Even in the season 5 premiere episode, her first scene was her needing to know too much. Motherfucker, shit went bad; chill, yo. Damn.

At one point, I only wanted Tasha and Tommy to make it to the end of the series. Now, Tasha can go, too. She used to have some moral high ground; ironic, I know, considering her desire for Ghost to become the biggest drug dealer who ever lived. She’s been through a lot, though, so if she decided to do like Romello in Sugar Hill and move to, like, North Carolina with her other baby—not Tariq, because Tariq must die—and start a new life, I wouldn’t even be mad. I’d understand.


Larenz Tate is playing the role of Councilman Rashad Tate and will have a more prominent role this season, which is a shame because I wanted him dead last season after we found out he was dirty. That’s cool, though, because now I get to be even more excited when he catches a hot one, especially after his shenanigans at Raina’s funeral and not wanting Tommy to sit in the front row. Bruh. You gots to die.

Kanan. I mean, Dre ain’t wrong. Kanan is basically Superman if he were mean and had been set on fire. Truer words have never been spoken. He survived being set on fire. And I think we can all agree that we can’t wait for Dre to die. I mean, he’s a gimme. I thought he was going to die in the first episode like ole girl did back in the House of Cards season 2 opener, and I must admit, I was a little sad that he didn’t. Oh well, more death for Dre later. Motherfuckers absolutely will not forget about Dre.


And Ghost. My dear, sweet, brotha Numpsey, Ghost. Death will become you. Can’t wait. I recognize that this is a show full of drug dealers, a job that is an inherently bad life choice, but from the moment Angela came into the game on some modeling shit and she and Ghost got to fucking up everybody’s life, well, I’ve been waiting for somebody to cancel Christmas on his ass. Shit, I thought he was about to be out of here several times last season. But here we are.

I’m so excited that Power’s back. BRING ON THE DEATH!

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K. Araújo

I talk shit about fighting kids but i’d fight the shit out of Tariq.. yooooou knooooow why.

I wanted to love Dre..but he killed Julio. We were through after that. Tommy is a friend everybody should have.. And Ghost... whatever