Possible Illegal Day Care Is Under Investigation Over Photo of Teen’s Toe in Baby’s Mouth

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
A house in Gafney, S.C., that neighbors believe functioned as a day care is under investigation after this photo was shared on social media.
ABC 13 screenshot

A Gaffney, S.C., house that may have been used as an illegal day care is under investigation after a photo surfaced on social media showing what appears to be a teen’s big toe inside a 7-month-old’s mouth.

According to ABC 13, the photo, which originally appeared on Snapchat, was being passed around social media and was reportedly taken at the home where the child was being cared for.


The news station notes that police and social services are looking into the home, which neighbors believed was a day care. Police told the news station that the home is not registered with the state, leading the South Carolina Department of Social Services to investigate whether the house was the site of an illegal day care operation.

Police did not say whether the teen was working at the house or was related to the owners of the home, but they said she is not related to the child. Police also said the 15-year-old is not facing any charges.

“Somebody should be apologizing, and there should be something done about it,” Bridgette Dawkins, a friend of the baby’s mother, told the news station. “It don’t need to be pushed under the rug; she needs to be punished.”

ABC 13 reports that police plan to hand the case over to the family court.

Read more at ABC 13.

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