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Missouri’s Kickapoo High School can’t stay out the damn news.

A mere month after its students made headlines for bullying members of the LGBTQ community with a Confederate flag, another underage miscreant has showed their complete ass.


In a 20-second video circulating on social media, an unidentified white male—who of course, attends Kickapoo High—goes on a racist tirade, delivering his best Donald Trump impersonation while threatening his classmates with all kinds of wild shit.


“I’ve got something to say. This is for all the coons, spics and niggers,” the student spews. “Stay the fuck out of our locker room. Coming in and stealing shit. We should fucking lynch you. Fuck all of you.”

The Springfield News-Leader reports that the Springfield chapter of the NAACP have called for police to investigate and to treat the matter as exactly what it is: a terrorist threat.


“It should be taken seriously,” Toni Robinson, president of the Springfield NAACP, said. “We believe it is a terroristic threat and should be investigated.”

Springfield Public Schools conducted an initial investigation, but issued a formal request for the Springfield Police Department to conduct a follow-up investigation of their own. Typically these hand-offs are handled discreetly, but because of the highly-publicized nature of this case, Police Chief Paul Williams made it a point to address this development publicly.


“Due to the high interest, we wanted to let folks know,” he said.

With the police department’s investigation underway, Kickapoo Principal Bill Powers emailed parents to inform them that the “maximum scope of discipline” was applied, though he declined to disclose specifics.


“The law does not allow us to be specific on the disciplinary actions we have taken,” Powers wrote. “But I assure you that it is significant and appropriate.”

Powers also requested that social media platforms remove the video and reported the incident to the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services.


But with this not being the first time the school has made national news, hopefully these incidents are merely anomalies and not indicative of an intolerant culture permeating throughout the entire school.

Either way, Robinson and the NAACP are repulsed by what’s occurred and demand action.


“It took my breath away, personally,” Robinson said. “You’re not surprised but the trauma, the feeling, the emotion that we’ve been experiencing for generations is relived in that moment.”

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