Police Arrest Black Man in Attack on Hispanic Man While Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat and Shirt

Screenshot: ABC7 New York

Cops have arrested a black man accused of beating up and then shoving a Hispanic man onto subway tracks at the Union Square station in New York City’s Manhattan.

Officials identified the suspect as Willie Ames. Ames was taken into custody in the city’s Staten Island borough early Thursday and is currently awaiting charges, according to the New York Post.


Ames has a record in New York, including assault and drug possession. He was allegedly caught on subway footage earlier this month picking an argument with a 24-year-old Hispanic man while wearing a Trump-campaign-branded hat and T-shirt.

“You fucking Mexicans,” the 47-year-old Uncle Ruckus Ames allegedly said. “You come here and you take our jobs. You bring drugs.”

Wow, looks like in addition to wearing Trump gear, Ames may have borrowed one of Trump’s campaign speeches as well to use in the alleged attack.


The victim, who suffered a laceration to his head from being shoved onto the tracks, was rescued by a friend and a fellow commuter and treated at an area hospital.

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