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Screenshot: Hannibal Jegham

A Tunisair pilot stood up for a member of his flight crew after a passenger referred to a flight attendant as a “black bitch of an air hostess.”


Pilot Mounir Ajlani’s flight to Tunis, Tunisia, from Istanbul was delayed, and the incident occurred after Ghofrane Binous, the flight attendant, tried to defuse a disagreement between two passengers.

“I don’t need your help. The last thing I need is a black bitch of an air hostess,” one of the passengers told Binous, according to the New Arab. 

The incident occurred in early May, and Binous took to Facebook to express her shock:


In response to the incident, members of Tunisia’s parliament met with Binous and vowed to help her get justice. Last year, a bill was passed in Tunisia that would criminalize discrimination and especially racism.

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