Josh Huff
6 ABC Screenshot

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff was arrested Tuesday and charged with "possessing an unloaded 9-mm handgun without a permit and a small amount of marijuana after he was pulled over for speeding," ESPN reports.

According to court records viewed by the sports station, a Delaware River Port Authority officer pulled Huff over around 11 a.m. The officer reportedly smelled marijuana in Huff's car. Police claim that Huff handed over a container that had a small amount of weed and then told officers that he had a gun in the pocket of the driver's-side door.


Although the gun wasn't loaded, a magazine holding six hollow-point bullets was also found. ESPN notes that although it's unclear whether Huff has a license for the gun in another state, New Jersey doesn't allow guns, and guns being transported must be carried in the trunk in a locked container.

The Eagles released a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying that they "‘are aware of the incident today involving Josh Huff. At this point, we are gathering more information,’" ESPN reports.


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