Pete Buttigieg on Institutional Racism, Economic Inequality, and White Supremacy

He said it.

And all it took was an 8-year-old viral video clip, his campaign polling at zero percent among black voters and someone calling him a “lying motherfucker.”


Also, I am someone.

During a campaign stop in Montgomery, Ala., promoting his Douglass Plan aimed at dismantling systemic racism in America, Pete Buttigieg invited me for a face-to-face discussion on the video, the two articles and his bid for the Democratic nomination for president. But when The Root sat down with the South Bend, Ind. mayor, we didn’t discuss presidential politics, defeating Donald Trump or if his Douglass Plan included funding for Dr. Umar Johnson’s school. Instead, we confronted Buttigieg about his mayoral tenure and the decisions he’s actually made that have affected South Bend’s racial disparities in economics, education and criminal justice.


We asked Mayor Pete about:

  • The data that shows South Bend School Corporation disciplines black students at four times the rate of white students, while white residents (including Buttigieg) are able to opt for more expensive, whiter private schools.
  • A 2019 study that shows the city of South Bend spent zero dollars in city contracts with black-owned businesses.
  • Why he asked white people to endorse his Douglass Plan for Black America (67 percent of the endorsers’ names that could be reliably checked were white, according to the Intercept).
  • Why he couldn’t fire Aaron Knepper, a police officer involved in the killing of an unarmed black man, despite multiple accusations of police brutality against him, dating back to 2012.
  • Most importantly, we asked Pete Buttigieg why black voters would trust him to fix America when he didn’t fix these issues in South Bend.

We did not ask him about his role models. Watch the video above.


Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

Lol. @10:40 Disparity of dollars spent on or for Black businesses - Buttigieg

“No, not disparity. Non-existent” - Harriot

Ya know....there is a reason why most candidates running for President will talk to everyone - including appearances on the Breakfast club - but won’t talk to Black press. It is interactions and interviews like these that show them for what they really are. In this case, a man who, I assume is a nice guy, but who has shown time after time that he doesn’t think about the needs of his Black and Brown constituencies in his home town that he governs and he sure as shit in a dirty outhouse toilet will not give much more thought of it if he were elected president. I don’t think he deals from outright racism. He is just a regular white man from a life forged of privilege derived from white Supremacy. And he has done little to understand what that is, or how to address it if he knew. Because he will never have to.

I sincerely thank you Michael Harriot for asking the questions that needed asking. Many people in the press choose not to for whatever motivations and it is always refreshing to see folk that don't. I appreciate you sir.

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