Pennsylvania Mayor Urges Cops to Treat Pittsburgh Protesters Like It’s 1963

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Image: WTAE-TV, VOA News

The mayor of a Pittsburgh suburb called on police officers to go old school on the people protesting the officer-involved shooting of a 17-year-old, even offering a photographic example: a historic photograph of cops attacking kids with water cannons and police dogs during the Birmingham, Ala., 1963 Children’s Crusade.


According to WTAE-TV, Arnold, Pa., Mayor Karen Peconi shared videos and pictures to her Facebook page that could possibly be construed as racist by the small subset of people with eyes. In one video, she posted a link to footage of cops spraying protesters with a water cannon, commenting, “We need one of these for tomorrow,” referring to the nearby protests following the police-shooting death of Antwon Rose Jr.


And after one person shared an infamous photo of teenage civil rights protesters being sprayed by water hoses, Peconi commented, “I’m posting this so the authorities everywhere sees this... I agree with Tom.. bring the hoses,” adding: “They don’t care about Pgh. none of them work now.. That’s how they can do this at 7am.... very sad.”

When asked for comment, Peconi reportedly told WTAE, speaking in third person by phone: “The mayor didn’t post those.”

Technically, she’s right. She simply shared the media and commented on it, which is different from posting the pictures and video herself, although it might also be the whitest excuse ever.

In response, Police Officer Michael Rosfeld, who shot Antwon Rose Jr. three times as the teenager was running away, did not say: “Technically, I didn’t shoot Rose. I was just sharing the bullets with his back.”

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People think I’m over-reacting, but mark my words: They want to go back to the 60s. They are busily working on changing laws to go against POC, gays, and women, they are gerrymandering and making sure the least amount of non-whites are able to vote. They are coming for us once they effectively deal with Mexicans and Arabs. They always come for us.