In this April 26, 2019 file photo, Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting, speaking at a National Rifle Association forum in Indianapolis, April 26, 2019. On June 17, 2019, Kashuv said that Harvard University revoked his acceptance over racist comments he made online and in text messages about two years ago.
Photo: Michael Conroy, File (Associated Press)

Sometimes, life comes at you fast. And Kyle Kashuv, the pro-gun teen who was among the survivors of the mass shooting at Parkland, Fla.’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, seems to be learning that lesson the hard way.

On Monday, Kashuv shared his astonishment that Harvard had rescinded his admission because of his use of racial slurs in texts he sent two years ago, HuffPost reports.


The texts included repeated use of the word “nigger,” including the uhm, observation: “like im really good at typing nigger ok like practice uhhhhhh makes perfect son??!!”

HuffPost reported last month on the existence of the racist messages, for which Kashuv, now 18, apologized, saying: “We were 16-year-olds making idiotic comments, using callous and inflammatory language in an effort to be as extreme and shocking as possible.”


But in a case where actions seem to have had consequences, Harvard apparently decided to nix Kashuv’s acceptance into the Class of 2023.

In a series of tweets Monday, Kashuv posted what he said was an image of the letter he’d received from Harvard announcing its decision, which read in part: “We are sorry about the circumstances that have led us to withdraw your admission, and we wish you success in your future academic endeavors and beyond.”


Kashuvwho’s had speaking engagements before National Rifle Association forums and, according to HuffPost, once had a leadership position with Turning Point USA, a college Republican group with what HuffPost referred to as a “white supremacy” problemcalled out Harvard’s decision as shortsighted, tweeting:

“Throughout its history, Harvard’s faculty has included slave owners, segregationists, bigots and antisemites,” he said. “If Harvard is suggesting that growth isn’t possible and that our past defines our future, then Harvard is an inherently racist institution. But I don’t believe that. I believe that institutions and people can grow.”


Harvard wouldn’t comment on the specifics of Kashuv’s admission decision, but told HuffPost:

Asked to confirm the letter’s authenticity, a Harvard spokesperson said the college doesn’t comment on individual cases, but provided a list of reasons the school might rescind admission, including “behavior that brings into question their honesty, maturity or moral character.”


Meanwhile, conservative punditry practically had a conniption fit upon learning of Kashuv’s fate, with reactions that bordered on the insanity a notion that probably could be best summed up as, “If it’s wrong to say ‘nigger,’ I don’t want to be right.”

As commentator Ben Shapiro opined, according to HuffPost:

“Harvard’s auto-da-fe sets up an insane, cruel standard no one can possibly meet.”


Yeah, it’s sooo hard to avoid saying that racial slur. Just impossible, right?

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