Papa John’s: Now the Official ‘Pizza’ of Nazis, According to Nazis

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Papa John’s founder John Schnatter (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

After Papa John’s blamed the NFL players protests for its lagging pizza sales, the Daily Stormer quickly caped for its trash-ass “pizza.” (For the uninitiated, the Stormer is a site rife with neo-Nazis and white supremacists that, coincidentally, can’t keep The Root’s name out of its mouth.)


Last week, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter told his company’s investors that “the NFL has hurt Papa John’s shareholders,” adding that the controversy around the NFL national anthem protests over racial injustice “is polarizing the customer, polarizing the country.” Schnatter also faulted NFL executives for showing a “lack of leadership” over the issue.

The Stormer embraced Papa John’s for its anti-protest stance and dubbed the soggy cardboard pies the “official pizza of the ‘alt-right.’” As Newsweek reports, the story was accompanied with a photo of a pizza with a pepperoni-slice swastika on top along with the caption, “Sieg Heil Pizza.”

According to Newsweek, the Stormer article also blasted the NFL for its “anti-white agenda.”

It isn’t just avowed Nazis and white nationalists who have committed themselves to stuffing their faces with garbage. Jack Posobiec, a Donald Trump stan and walking dumpster, proudly displayed the Papa John’s pizza buffet that was his wedding-rehearsal dinner.

Presumably, it was to troll all the people out there ... eating real pizza.


Later on, the two idiots Posobiec and his wife-to-be are seen in this video delighting in their “triggering”—presumably before their own bowels were similarly triggered by their terrible dietary decisions.


Keep up the good work, wypipo.

The show of white love for Papa John’s pizza has forced the company to release a statement disavowing its racist fans.


“We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it. We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza,” Papa John’s statement read.

Read more at Newsweek.

Staff writer, The Root.


Ooh, you sure triggered us all with that Pizza buffet!

So, the alt right has it so easy they think that complaints about racism, inequality, economic issues driven by racism and the proven health effects of a daily barrage of micro and major agressions just made up to troll them, trigger them and make them feel bad.

That’s like sociopath levels of empathy. Like Football Becky sitting there crying because the mean Black players ruined her enjoyment of football.

Well Bitch, so far wypipo have ruined wooden ships, driving, sitting on a bench, winking at someone of the opposite sex, living in a neighborhood, selling loosies, going down a stairwell in a housing project, shopping at walmart, playing cops and robbers in a park, selling bottled water, returning an airsoft rifle, lunch counters, buses, going to an away game, voting, renting, home ownership, being Native, speaking your own language, having natural hair and succeeding for people (mostly Black and Native Americans) of color.

Fuck your football, your couch, and your Nazi trash pizza.