'Our Democracy Is Withering': Jemele Hill Talks Trump, the 2020 Presidential Election and the State of America

Jemele Hill was clear in 2017 when she called Donald J. Trump a white supremacist. While her series of tweets cost Hill a job at ESPN, the Detroit-native has no regrets. Make no mistake: Hill was publicly targeted by the White House for her statements (calling for Hill to be fired), but please believe that the award-winning journalist wasn’t the first to refer to the commander-in-chief as a white supremacist. Time has shown that Hill certainly won’t be the last.


“What’s amazing to me now, especially during the primaries when I watched the debates, is that it is quite common now to call the president a white supremacist and a racist,” Hill told The Root. “If we regularly call the president a white supremacist and regularly refer to him as racist, what does that say about where we are at this point in history?”

Hill points out that despite being called a racist, a bigot and a white supremacist again and again, it doesn’t stop Trump from “continuing to play footsie” with white supremacists. One only has to look as far as Trump’s “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by” statements at the first 2020 presidential debate for proof.


Americans must understand that the 2020 presidential election is dire. The future of America is at stake and another Trump presidency will most certainly have far-reaching implications. “Typically authoritarians attract other ones. They don’t just go away,” Hill concluded.

See our conversation with award-winning journalist and the host of Spotify’s Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, Jemele Hill as she discusses the sobering truth of (what could be) the future of our country.

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Trump has shown in big neon green paint, just who the assholes are in this country that keep us all from having nice things. From peon to patrons. Fuck them all.