One Conversation With Regina King


Despite being in the film industry for nearly 30 years, Regina King is still finding new ways to reinvent herself. She’s already played a variety of character roles, including one that earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress just a few years ago. Not a novice behind the camera, she’s also directed music videos and television episodes for over a decade. But now she’s trying her hand at being a feature film director for the powerful new film, One Night In Miami...

We partnered with Amazon Studios to speak with the amazing and dynamic King about directing her first feature, as well as how she used its story to write a love letter to Black men.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Amazon and G/O Media Studios.


Death's last sleeve of saltines

King did such an amazing job with this movie. One Night in Miami could only be told well and feel authentic because it is helmed and acted by Black voices with Black experiences. Perhaps one day soon we will see more and more projects made this way and it will begin to allow more than just the white gaze to showcase movies, television, books expressing something other than the white-normative to tell the truths in entertainment.  

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