Omarosa Confirms the President Has a List of Crazy Policy Ideas He'll Leak to Distract From Bad Press

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Omarosa Proctor Manigault Newman Foster Brown Johnson, the former aide to the president and the only black woman allowed to come through the front entrance at the White House during Trump’s presidency, has confirmed what we’ve all long suspected: the president has a list of crazy policy ideas that he rolls out to distract from the plethora of White House scandals.


On Thursday, Omarosa came out of hiding for an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and there she told the host—the white guy that dates or is married to his co-host, or whatever—that Trump, current White House aide Stephen Miller (aka Big Bigen Shawty) and former top political strategist Steve Bannon, the perpetual wearer of a Barbour duck-hunting coat, all sat together and came up with a list of what Omarosa called “shocking” policy ideas they could unleash whenever the news coverage surrounding Trump was negative.

“They have these lists of shocking proposals and they would just keep them on the side,” she explained, Raw Story reports. “Whenever they needed to throw a hand grenade to blow up the press or take over the front covers of the newspaper, they would pull out one of these very shocking proposals.”

Omarosa added that many of the proposals weren’t supposed to actually happen; they were only supposed to be used to drum up conversation and move the story to the proposed horrible policy idea and away from say, the president of the United States being spanked with a rolled up Forbes magazine by a porn actress.

“Early on in the administration, they talked about [immigrant] child separations, and we never imagined they’d do it,” she said. “But that was one of the shocking proposals on that crazy list.”

Omarosa also noted that the president’s goal many times is to “create chaos” to get away with “hiding something from the American people.”

Thank you Omarosa for your service to the country. I hope that selling your soul was worth it. May your accommodations in “not-heaven” be only a modicum better than Jared’s.



After almost 3 years of a president who has no idea what he is doing, whose *sole* accomplishment is taking credit for Obama’s economy, and who has committed several dozen impeachable acts, and who blatantly worked with an enemy nation to get elected, then committed felony obstruction of justice multiple times and is STILL doing’s amazing to me that people are asking, “Does Biden, Warren, Kamala or Bernie have what it takes to beat Trump next year?”