But it’s not us, it’s y’all that had…

Managing Editor Genetta Adams: Stephen, do not bring up the washcloth thing.

Me: But it was a tweet.


GA: We will not wade in these waters.

Me: You mean these dirty washcloth-less bathtub waters? *runs from the room before she can throw something at me.*


Huffman, of course, explained that when he mentioned that black people or the “coloreds” as he put it, don’t wash their hands, he didn’t mean that they were dirty and everyone just misunderstood him.

“I was trying to focus on why COVID-19 affects people of color at a higher rate since we really do not know all the reasons,” he told the Dayton Daily News. Huffman also issued a statement to The Washington Post late Wednesday, claiming his words “taken out of context” and said that he thought the phrases “people of color” and “colored population” were similar; he didn’t clear up the dirty black folks part, though.


“People of color would have been better, but they seem to be interchangeable,” he said.

No. The. Fuck. They. Aren’t.

He also dismissed concerns about his role as a practicing doctor.

“Anybody that comes into any emergency room, I give them the very best care regardless of what race they are,” he said, the Hill reports.


On Thursday, Huffman sent another statement to CNN trying to clear this shit up again.

“Regrettably, I asked a question in an unintentionally awkward way that was perceived as hurtful and was exactly the opposite of what I meant,” he said. Which is another way of saying, “Sorry for the way you heard the fucked up question I asked.”


And this is why no person of color (and I mean this in the most global way possible) fucks with Linda’s macaroni salad. Ever.