Pat and Joe Jude returned to their Cincinnati home to find swastikas and the words “White Power” scrawled on their walls.
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Pat Jude and her husband, Joe, left their Cincinnati rental home to visit their daughter. When they returned, the interracial couple found their place trashed and vandalized with swastikas.

"They hit every cabinet with paint," Pat Jude told NBC 4. "They hit every wall with paint. They hit every appliance, they poured paint into the appliances. They poured cement down the drains."


The couple told the news station that their plans to retire in the home have been stalled because everything now needs to be repaired.

"I mean, there is nothing that is salvageable," Pat Jude said.

Joe Jude and his wife, Pat

The vandals tore the stair railing down and busted pipes on the second floor, causing flooding and damage to the ceiling. They also spray-painted swastikas and the words "White Power" on the walls.

"When I walked in, it just shook me," Pat Jude said. "It just floored me that somebody could spread so much hate."


The Judes told the news station that this wasn't the first time they had dealt with devastating discrimination. Six years ago, the couple said, they lost their 16-year-old son after he took his own life after being bullied because he was biracial.

"We’ve gone through that," Pat Jude said. "You never get over it, but then you come in here, and it’s the same kind of stuff."


The Judes are asking for help identifying the culprits.

"If anybody saw anything, please help us solve this crime," Pat Jude said. “Somebody must have seen something."


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