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Turns out that President Obama was just as shocked as the rest of America that the website wasn't working. He was told that the site would be fully functional — even as private contractors and some administration knew the site had failed early testing, a senior White House advisor said Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama was assured that the key component to his universal health care overhaul was ready to launch on Oct. 1 and that it would meet his expectations, Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer said on ABC's This Week.


The website has been bashed both by the public and Obama critics in its first months, as some consumers have been unable to sign into the site. The site has also suffered several crashes and has failed to provide adequate information about available health care plans, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The "results do not match up to his expectations or the American people's expectations," Pfeiffer said. "It's inexcusable. There is no question about that.”

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