Obama Basically Warned Trump That Michael Flynn Was His Administration’s Phaedra Parks

Then-President-elect Donald Trump and then-President Barack Obama (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Just as NeNe Leakes warned us all about Phaedra Parks, it turns out that former president Barack Obama—aka “We wish you could’ve gone month to month until we found a better replacement”—warned President TrumPutin that Michael Flynn was shady.

In November, then-President Obama warned President-elect TrumPutin against hiring retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, according to a scathing NBC News report.


During their Oval Office meeting Nov. 10, Obama reportedly told TrumPutin that Flynn was out here reckless and was not to be trusted. Of course TrumPutin didn’t heed the warning and brought Flynn on as his national security adviser, because he, too, is reckless. Flynn was fired just 24 days later amid suspicions of ongoing shady dealings with Russians.

NBC News’ exclusive report comes just hours before former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is set to testify before Congress about the Trump administration and Flynn’s contacts with Russian officials.

Read more at NBC News. 

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