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Obama Told Trump How to Fix Health Care: Just Name It Something Else and Take Credit for It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On Thursday, the former president of the United States and current president of Wakanda, Barack Obama, told a Los Angeles crowd of donors that he gave Donald Trump a brilliant idea on how to revamp his health care plan instead of repealing it: Simply name it something else and take credit for its successes.

According to CNN, during a fundraiser moderated by Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, Obama told the crowd that he didn’t care who took credit for the Affordable Care Act, just so long as people had health care.

“I said to the incoming president, ‘Just change the name and claim that you made these wonderful changes and I would be like, “You go,”’” Obama said to laughs, CNN reports. “Because I didn’t have pride of authorship; I just wanted people to have health care.”


You’d think that the president would have loved this idea, since he prides himself on selling his name to buildings he doesn’t own. He loves seeing his names on shit that he didn’t create. Universal health care would have been a place for Trump to place his dumbass name and take credit for helping to bring the United States up to par with other civil democracies that have somehow figured out how to take care of their citizens.

But who are we kidding? Trump doesn’t give a damn about making sure all people have health care; what he really cares about is:

  1. Russia;
  2. When is Taco Bell going to bring back the grossly underrated Naked Chicken Chalupa; and
  3. Undoing Obama’s legacy.

Obama took a slight jab at the president’s inability to easily pass an effective health care plan, noting that Trump “couldn’t do it despite controlling all branches of government in Washington. They couldn’t do it because we had actually thought it through and it’s a hard thing to do.”

Here’s CNN’s explanation detailing how Trump didn’t actually repeal Obamacare but, rather, cut out parts of the bill that may actually cause premiums to spike:

Trump did not heed Obama’s advice and instead looked to dismantle the sweeping health care law, even though he and Republicans on Capitol Hill failed to fully repeal the bill. Obama has even taken to telling audiences that Trump “essentially repealed Obamacare,” despite the fact he hasn’t. As part of the tax plan passed late last year, Republicans effectively repealed the law’s individual mandate, and experts worry its elimination may prompt insurers to drop out and premiums to spike if fewer young and healthy consumers enroll on the exchanges.


CNN reports that this isn’t the first time Obama has suggested that Republicans simply rename his health care plan. During an event in 2016, Obama said: “They can even change the name of the law to Reagancare. Or they can call it Paul Ryancare. I don’t care about credit. I just want it to work.”

There you have it: sound and unselfish advice from easily one of the realest presidents to ever do it. Wakanda is lucky to have no law limiting the number of terms a president can serve.