Former President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate during the Church Congress on May 25, 2017, in Berlin (Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama is entirely too dignified to get on a world stage and say that President Donald Trump is a completely inept hell spawn who wears dive goggles when he paints his skin burnt sienna. Obama will never say that the current president is a divisive heel who is so far in the deep end that he appears to suffer from dementia even if he hasn’t been formally diagnosed. Obama would never publicly tout that he is the Golden State Warriors of president-ing to Trump’s New York Knicks because he knows that in the end, he is above it.

But do not think for a second that the former president isn’t fully aware that his successor is suc-sucking at his job, and as such he will throw shade on that burnt bama’s stupid-ass wall.

“In this new world we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall,” Obama said during a panel in Germany alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel, the New York Daily News reports.


We see you, Barry, out here shutting down this dumbass president’s dumbass wall!

But Obama wasn’t finished; he also threw shade on the president’s inability to accept when he’s wrong.


“If I become so convinced that I’m always right, the logical conclusion of that often ends up being great cruelty and great violence,” Obama said.

And he did all of this without ever mentioning 45’s name because that’s how real presidents boss up.


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