Obama Secures Legacy as a Great President


Ebony's Kevin Chappell explains how a hard-fought battle ended in victory for the Obama campaign.

The biggest question heading into Election Day — whether voter turnout would be high as it was in 2008 — was answered with a resounding yes, as lines outside polling stations were as long as they were four years ago. African-Americans, students and Hispanics were particularly fired up, knowing that their support would be key to the president winning a second term.

In the end, Obama’s victory perhaps secures his legacy as one of the great U.S. presidents, and, to many, served as confirmation that America has indeed turned a corner in race relations. While dog whistle racial politics were at play throughout the campaign, it didn’t dominate the conversation, and it didn’t influence enough voters to swing the election in favor of Romney.

As Obama looks to the next four years, he undoubtedly hopes for more cooperation from Republican lawmakers in helping him jumpstart programs that will stimulate job growth. With no more elections hanging in the balance, conservative leaders should be more willing to work with the president on a jobs bill and debt and deficit reduction measures.


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