A clown who wore an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair this weekend as an announcer called for him "to get gored" has been banned after a public uproar, CBS News reports. The announcer has resigned.

The fair banned the clown from any future events, saying in a written statement that he had engaged in an "unconscionable stunt" that was "inappropriate and not in keeping with the Fair's standards." The fair's press release did not identify the clown.

Most of the Missouri State Fair's roughly $4.5 million budget comes from fees charged to attendees and vendors, but it receives about $558,000 from tax revenues, according to the state budget office. Missouri House Democrats have suggested the Republican-led chamber should form a special committee to investigate the incident and determine whether to continue providing tax dollars to the fair. 

But it seems the clowns won't be out of work for long. Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman in a press release Wednesday said he's invited them to perform at a rodeo in his state's 36th district, dismissing the controversy as a "harmless gag."

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