Obama Inc.


There seems like more ways to commemorate the inauguration of Barack Obama than I care to think about: plates, buttons, dolls, stand-ups, t-shirts, comic books, breath mints, gum, cookies, water, pens, pencils, pants, candy, hats, earrings, fake nails, sneakers, socks, mixtapes and the list goes on and on and on. At first, it seemed like a fitting tribute to the 44th president. But as the products got more ubiquitous and outrageous, it seemed more like exploitation. After all, how much of this stuff is officially liscensed, and how much if any of it is contributed to any charity or social program? It all seems created merely for the purpose of making money. Plus, alot of folks look at Obama stuff as some kind of investment, thinking that anything with his name or likeness on it will be worth money one day. I tell you, Obama is a bootlegger's dream.

Me: I refuse to buy any Obama stuff. Not because I don't want a piece of history, but because I don't agree with the commercialization of it. I think coins, maybe a t-shirt are OK. But once you break out the Obama Water and Obama Breath Mints, I think you have crossed a line. There is even an Obama sex toy, and I think we can all agree that is inappropriate. But what do you think?


Have you bought any commemorative Barack Obama stuff? Do you think it is exploitive?

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