NY Giants Finally Release Abusive Kicker Josh Brown After Public Pressure

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Josh Brown
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It only took the New York Giants a year to fire kicker Josh Brown after learning that he abused his wife, but on Tuesday, that's exactly what they did.

After the recent release of documents in which Brown, 37, admitted to abusing his wife, the Giants have finally parted ways with the embattled kicker after recently vowing to "not turn our backs on him."


According to Yahoo! Sports, Brown was told he could not travel with the team last week to face the Los Angeles Rams in London. Then, instead of firing the kicker, the Giants placed him on the commissioner’s exempt list, which allowed him to collect a check and the team to replace him.

“We believed we did the right thing at every juncture in our relationship with Josh," Giants co-owner John Mara explained to ESPN. "Our beliefs, our judgments and our decisions were misguided. We accept that responsibility. We hope that Josh will continue to dedicate himself to rehabilitation, and to becoming a better person and father.


"We will continue to support him in his efforts to continue counseling, and we hope that Josh and his family can find peace and a positive resolution,” he continued. “We have great respect and feel strongly about our support for the good people who work tirelessly and unconditionally to aid the victims of domestic violence and who bring awareness to the issue.

“We have been partners with My Sisters’ Place [a domestic violence shelter and advocate based in Westchester County, N.Y.] for nearly 20 years. The leadership of that organization has provided invaluable insight as we have considered our decisions in this matter. We value and respect their opinion, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future," Mara added.


Brown issued a statement viewed by Yahoo! Sports shortly before his release, saying that he "never struck" his now ex-wife but that "abuse comes in many forms."

Read more at Yahoo! Sports and ESPN.

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